Our Trustees

Andy McCullough – Chair of Trustees

Andy McCullough is the author of Global Humility: Attitudes for Mission. He has a BSc in Human Environmental Science and a Masters Degree in Contextual Theology with Mission. He is currently based in Reading, UK


Lesley has been involved in (Charity) leadership for 35 years, the majority of that time in inner London.

She has been involved in charitable projects of different types and sizes & during the last 10 years has travelled extensively supporting projects in North & West Africa the Middle East and central Asia. She has a passion to bring encouragement and help into diverse situations, she has a desire to learn what is the most culturally appropriate method of delivery within that situation.

She has been married for over 40 years and she has 4 grown up children and 10 grandchildren to date.

John Greenway

John Greenway runs his own leadership consultancy firm, Saltmine Ventures, which involves working with businesses in the UK and internationally, as well as writing some books on the subject. He has been privileged to have led business functions, managed departments, led global accounts, sat on senior management teams, worked with Aid Organisations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, sat on School Boards, chaired a not-for-profit company and coached sports teams.

Abey Taylor-Philip

Abey is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 10 years’ experience working within FMCG businesses. His work has ranged from setting up new companies and putting in place relevant financial controls and systems in order for those businesses to grow sustainably.

Having grown up in Kenya and India, Abey came to the UK at 16 and has benefitted immensely from the diverse communities he has been a part of. He has a desire to continue learning how best to serve the community in Northern Iraq through his role as a trustee with Hope for Communities.  

Sarah Harris

Sarah grew up in Wales and has found her home in London, and loves the multicultural aspects of the area she lives in. The idea of building relationships and showing hospitality is an important area of her life. She is a wife to one and a mum of two beautiful boys.

Sarah currently provides part time support in finance for a global charity based in the UK and enjoys a challenge or new experience. She has over 25 years of volunteering experience starting in her teens with the RSCPA, then student work and continue with toddler groups, foodbanks, school governing and now a trustee.