Looking back at the past four years

We made a video for the children, which was a compilation of some of the photos and memories from the past four years at the community centre. The video ends with the reaction of the children watching the video which was an absolute delight to see.


News from the orphanage

Hope for communities was so happy to hear that one of the boys that we are helping with his school work recently passed important math’s exams (only one of 5 boys out of 27 in his class to pass). This is a boy who lives in an orphanage and is going against the grain as so many of his peers have dropped completely out of school. He asked us to help him as last year he struggled with school and was unable to pass the year, but unlike many others didn’t want to give up. One of our amazing members of staff has given him one to one tuition and we can see how it is making a big difference. Your generous support helps us train and employ amazing people who really are making a difference to the lives of children and young people here.


Karate yellow belts

On the 14th of December 2021, we had a special day. Some of the children were able to get their first karate belt.
 It hadn’t been easy for them with only one lesson a week, a long break due to Covid.
However, these children have shown so much determination and commitment and worked so hard to get these belts.
The children we work with have so much potential, please consider helping us a charity, as we strive to support them to achieve it. 

Mountain Climbing

The Hope for Communities team are climbing our local highest mountain, Piramagrun to raise money for our projects. We have an expert guiding us, but in honesty his pre-talk has made some of us a little nervous. It involves the scaling of near vertical gulley’s, and likely sightings of wolves and Jackals, with the potential although much less likely sighting of mountain lions (seriously hoping this doesn’t happen). Also of course the small task of climbing of an actual mountain! So, we have definitely given ourselves a challenge, please make it more worthwhile by supporting us as a team in our endeavor! The button below is the link for you to use to donate through our website, (please try and write Climb somewhere in your name in the giving details so we know your gift is for our ‘Climb for Hope’ event.)